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My Experience

Leadership coaching and development, Lean transformation facilitation, Strategy Development / Facilitation, Value Stream Mapping & Analysis, A3 Problem Solving / Root Cause Analysis / Brainstorming Facilitation, I/C Kata, Lean Daily Management Systems, Andon, Quick Change Over / SMED, Process Design / Monitoring / Control, Process Behavior Charting, Training Within Industry, 5S, Standard Work / Work Instruction, Kanban, Leveling, Pull Systems, Sales Inventory & Operations Planning (SIOP).


Coaching to the five lean principles: Define Value, Map the Value Stream, Create Flow, Establish Pull, Improve / Seek Perfection.


Values of Serious Joy


The discipline of setting aside fear to turn hardship into grace through preparedness and self-control.​


The unwavering loyalty to a team and unflinching determination to accomplish our purpose.


The practice of graciously telling the (hard) truths and demanding to hear it from others.


We choose a cheerful spirit regardless of circumstances and maintain a consistent pursuit of Joy.

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